Soon I’m going to show you, how your FirstCoin can get valuable again but first of I will introduce You - emotionless - the objective picture. I’m going to tell you essential information that will reveal the truth behind the lies.

My name is George Peresztegi Nagy. As per the proof below, I am the legal owner of Dynamic Global Marketing Ltd. and it’s primary project, The FirstCoin Club.

The most recent certificate proves that I'm the only official owner of the Dynamic Global Marketing LTD.

My intention in this letter is to show how your FirstCoin can become valuable again, but first I will present an objective set of facts so you can see the real truth behind some of the lies you have been told.

Before we begin, please note that I am not in the habit of engaging in childish taunts or finger pointing. Neither am I presenting this as a ‘troll-page’ against those who have lied to you. However, as they have consistently tried to discredit me with false information, blame me for their own unscrupulous actions and incompetence, as well as consistently spread damaging misinformation about me, I have decided that enough is enough.

To begin with, I would like to focus your attention on those currently presenting themselves to be the management.
Mr. Josip Bosnic CEO;
Mr. Ghefari Dulapandan CIO;
Mr. Andras Szekely CTO;
Mr. Adrian Maximilian Necsoiu CMO

I say currently presenting as they have refused to be removed from their office despite legal notice to do so. This, in effect, makes them technically a ‘Lame-Duck Management’, not a real one. A term used in English to represent those in office who have been voted out, but remain. I will therefore refer to them through this letter collectively as the ‘LDM’.


In January of 2018, the coin value started dropping for various reasons. This was explained in the newsletters, though some of the problems stemmed from the consequences of the poor timing on the payment suspension while the KYC was implemented which caused a temporary slow down in demand as people waited for it to resume. Then, the market itself began to fall, taking all coins with it. At this point, I wanted to hand over the project to a new team that could re-invigorate the coin. As the founder, my job was to assess and approve of that. The aim and hope was that a new team would bring a flourishing future and return the coins value to a positive direction. Mr. Bosnic presented the other three candidates as part of his ‘dream team’ to make this happen and made a strong case for their appointment. At the time I was convinced by their promises and keen for positive things to happen. I therefore handed over full access of ALL firstcoin platforms to them in a good faith. 

This included full administration rights to the FirstCoin Club, the database of members, newsletter software, etc. In short, I gave them everything they needed to take over and begin their campaign to restore value. This was confirmed in the official newsletter as such:

Official newsletter of the new management, sent by FirstCoin Club

You may ask why I trusted so much? To be honest, they seemed to be reliable people, they were enthusiastic and felt this was their opportunity of a lifetime. However, things did not proceed the way that I was led to believe in any way.


What I could not foresee was that the new management were actively planning to destroy the value of FirstCoin, act against it’s interest, illegally steal the data (your information) and then use what they could to start their own project. All while trying to discredit others and promote themselves as the saviours.

The initial warning came with an agreement made with the Forus/Malaha project and which took place without any consultation or authority from me. On the surface, this may have seemed a good collaboration, but underneath there was far more noise than actual value with many of the quoted figures and promises of future value unsubstantiated. However, I was deeply shocked when I was informed that the management had publically announced to launch their own project and cryptocurrency, JAAG coin – (named after them: Josip, Andras, Adrian, Ghefari). Again, without my permission or consultation. At the same time, they announced that it was to ‘save you and all other FirstCoin Club users’.

What kind of rescue is that, when someone announces the crash of your cryptocurrency and the death of all of the linked projects we had worked so hard for?


I need to admit I made a huge mistake in my initial assessment of the people I agreed to appoint, and for which I can only and sincerely apologise to all of you.

The LDM viciously misled me. Not only did they keep making negotiations and deals without my permission but, shamefully, they deliberately changed all of the access codes to the platforms and refused to give me back any access to my own project.

Both my legal representatives and myself tried to reach them many times and in a friendly manner, via phone and email, in order to resolve this situation. However, TO THIS DAY they simply are not communicating with me and have blatantly ignored all attempts to do so. In fact, if the LDM can read this message, please contact me to resolve situation. This is so we can let our Club members enjoy all benefits of the Club, together with many on-going projects that are in the process of fruition. Please note that, despite what has happened, I am still very open for a peaceful cooperation as this remains in the very best interests of everyone.

If not I will have to pursue all legal channels to regain access back to my project. Once this happens I can continue with the plans we have to help return things to their initial pride and glory. The fact remains I am the lawful owner. As stated above, a number of weeks ago when many irregularities became apparent, financial questions unanswered and all communications ceased, I served notice on the four persons above that they are relieved of their duties and no longer recognised as the management. This they have also ignored. Therefore, at this point there is nothing to say about their actions other than it is blatant theft. They have stolen the database, the FirstCoin Club, the admin platforms, they have destroyed all of the previous work put into FirstCoin and made many people suffer from losses.

Even today Andras Szekely still handles the Club wallet and, despite all my notices and demands will not provide ANY answer or details as to where the Club coins are and who has them. This is blatant fraud and embezzlement.

Ultimately, the person legally responsible is Josip Bosnic as he is (was) the appointed CEO and, although I am very unhappy, I am also somewhat certain than any court of law would grant me back the access to all the platforms.

However, I prefer peaceful solutions so I’m asking all members of the LDM; Josip Bosnic; Andras Szekely; Ghefari Dulapandan and his brother-in-law Adrian Maximilian Necsoiu, again to contact me to close this situation, which is causing more harm to the people each day. Please stop causing more problems for each other and finally focus on our mutual interest, that is FirstCoin development.


When they took over, the LDM stated that they were going to work hard on restoring the coin value. Since then the price dropped 99.9%.

Instead of facing up to the consequences of their actions, they point the fingers elsewhere, including trying to blame me. The obvious question is: As the founder and an investor in FirstCoin, why would I destroy my own project? And, of course, if I were responsible for the price drop, then why didn't it drop under the earlier periods?

A far more likely reality is that the LDM have funded their own project (J.A.A.G.) from the sale of the FirstCoins. Of course, if they are selling the coins that are in the club-wallet and that people were buying, this would not only put the club profit in their own pocket, but also force down the price. Did this happen?

Where are the coins paid for the Club? Maybe the LDM sells so many coins that they dropped the price and they is simply trying to blame me?

The LDM should tell where are the coins of the Club!

Lets see the chart since their take over.

The new management destroyed the rate.
99.9% price drop after nominating the new management

To add to the misdirection, the management tried to say that I have stolen everything. The question to pose would be: What have I stolen?
Dynamic Global Marketing Ltd. is a profit-oriented company. Every promise is based on FirstCoin and the company has paid everyone. The company has never stated, nor promised that it will reinvest all of its profit. Whoever says otherwise is simply lying. The only promise the company made was that it was going to try to build up a functioning economy behind the FirstCoin currency. Instead of doing this – the LDM tried to ‘save’ you by destroying its value.


Another lie that was circulated to club members by the LDM was that I had allegedly stolen all FirstCoins because was only showing 31M (CoinMarketCap updates periodically which can cause differences) circulating FRST. Where could the rest possibly be? They suggested it was myself that kept selling them and that this was reducing the price. I can prove this to be a lie as I publically offer the wallet address of the rest of the 79M coins:



FHpqhuvU6pWLKUWuNVVgQmUvVJDjHZfnNt 10 000 000 FRST
FMqqaocjb4z34ksN3s7ga1VuX5sPhU3BNp 10 000 000 FRST
FB44XC95uForKaJP7tstw9kySw5YQ69TXA 10 000 000 FRST
FFVqVN62PfKDWziaX4qYcGJSJuJyNuePaB 10 000 000 FRST
FEFVVqCiq9CwetmT355ztFb94DnvUpxZHG 10 000 000 FRST
FHsHWrTaan7JLtrFuV6qAfC5qFnAzUfzyy 10 000 000 FRST
FFpngxw1PsDR87QH44LDmQtR5s1T4u5R7Y 3 736 725 FRST
FUMZx3QZtQwVzKNiGVnuVoCRrXLozBGAgU 14 000 000 FRST
Total 77 736 725 FRST

The 31M circulating is the number owned by the members, on the exchange markets and in the Club being controlled by the LDM. This is just one more example of how they lied and treated the network and members as stupid, gullible and with contempt.


However, this is where we get onto the good news and the fact that I am trying my best to still save the project with positive action steps and further financial commitment.

At the present moment, there are SEVERAL PROJECTS that have a strong financial foundation and that could form the basis of a solid platform of value-backed growth.

Some of these include:

The Paulownia Plantation;
The ATMs;
The ICO tokens

In Addition, the fullcoin exchange has started, the ECO site has started, the Travel Club is close to operational, and God knows what else is waiting for us! Let me share with you where the top 5 projects are...


1. Paulownia Plantation - $1M investment made

The Paulownia Plantation project was announced at the one-day super conference. This is a highly credible project that was months in negotiation and development. It was my intention that this was always going to be a strong, real and profitable long-term project that was at the back of FirstCoin. Last month, I can confirm that I flew to the site in Malaysia to conclude and sign the deal. This required an additional $1m which I have paid. Below you will see the evidence that the project is real.

A valid point to note is that, as per the cash-flow and business plans, the contract we signed is worth over $10m in future profits of the plantation.

$10M business

Long-term strategy

Letter of intent signed in November 2017

Proof of the first $1M payment

Happy Begginnings

George, baby tree, Law and mosquitos... :)

2. FirstCoin ATMs

As you could have heard many times, FirstCoin planned to create its own ATM network. There was substantial time and resource investment into this, however, one must note the following:

  • Plugging in an ATM is not enough to enable it to exchange FirstCoin
  • There are substantial and complex regulations that differ in each of the countries and local authorities.
  • The ATM-s have to be programed for FirstCoin and it must be connected to an exchange. Unfortunately the delisting from the Livecoin exchange doesn’t help.
  • We are having the ATM-s and we have tested them already. But how could an ATM project start, if the reputation of the FirstCoin is being undermined continuously.

I must admit this project won’t be able to start at the moment. You can also ask the reasons from the LDM who told You this project is dead.

3. FRST travel

I have asked the LDM many times to start the FRST Travel Club site. I have no idea what could prevent this from happening as all of the investment and agreements have been finalised. However, as it does not serve the interests of their own rival coin, it is likely why they have not activated this for the benefits of the club members.

4. Earth Token

Another untruth constantly uttered by the LDM was that the ICO tokens project was not real. In other words, the whole thing was just a fake and there were no tokens purchased. This is a lie, and here is the proof.

Our first ICO is the Earth Token cryptocurrency, which I consider to be a great and serious project with great potential and a great future.
You can check up on this one on the following websites:

Here is the evidence of the tokens in our possession:

These tokens could be handed out as soon as I get back the access to the platforms which the LDM are illegally withholding.

In addition I held many, many meetings with Banks and other potential projects and investors, all with regards to FirstCoin investing in many world changing opportunities. With this aspect alone, I believe FirstCoin could have been the strongest coin on the market.

My question is: Why haven’t you heard about this? Or any of the other good news, which could have hugely increased the value of the FirstCoin?

  • Why did they lie about the Earth token?
  • What was the appointed head of Marketing, Adrian Maximilian (introduced by Ghefari who happens to be his relative) doing if not presenting to you these exciting developments?
  • Why is it that I am last to know, even before you, any news that has been released and without my consent?
  • Why does the management talk about a coin I have never heard about?
  • Why do they try to delegate the responsibility?
  • Why are they building a new project, (a new MLM!) from the existing database they do not legally own?
  • Why don’t they give me back my property?
  • Why do they keep accusing others when it is so obvious that they destroyed this project and did nothing, nothing, to increase its value as that would have been a direct competitor to their own pet project, J.A.A.G. which was funded with YOUR money whilst destroying the value of YOUR asset?

As I have mentioned at the beginning I’m going to talk about pure facts therefore I deliberately don’t answer these questions. I’m sure You are smart enough to find out or see what appears to be the obvious the answers.

The only thing I know is the damage that this Lame Duck Management (Ghefari, Josip, Andras, Adrian) has caused is unbelievable. All I can promise you, the members, is that I will continue to focus with all my capacity to make these things right. Please note that I too am one of the aggrieved party. I am still investing time and funds to bring to fruition aspects of real projects that will make Firstcoin strong again.

Of course, if you listen to the LDM, they consider me the thief when the reality is clear. However, in closing, I don’t ask you to report them like they do to me. I don’t disclose their phone number, like they have done with me. I don’t lower myself down to their level because I’m not that kind of person.

I even don’t care what they are going to do in the future with their project. I have no interest. I just want them to let me have what belongs to me and stop lying. This is the only thing I ask.

Forgive the length of this letter but I truly wished to talk from the heart and clarify this chaos. I do not want to struggle for years with a legal issue perpetuated by outright lies and misinformation. Instead, I wanted to show you I was still committed and trying to provide you a solution.

Please remember, the only reason I cannot hand out the Earth tokens is because the Club is being illegally controlled by the LDM (J.A.A.G.). As soon as I got the access back, the Tokens will be allocated and prepared for hand out.

I have even bought other cryptocurrencies, which are in the top 100. The company would like to hand out to you and to the other victims.

These cryptos are listed below:

Bytecoin (TOP 22)

Siacoin (TOP 35)

DigiByte (TOP 50)

17.203.197 Siacoin &
7.306.589 Digibyte to be distributed

Also 40.474.390 Bytecoin

Finally, if you have FirstCoin that you want to sell I will buy it from you on the present price (0.00000160 BTC). I will place buy order in the worth of 50 BTC on the Yobit exchange on this day: 13th June, 2018.

And it will be there until: 27rd June, 2018.

It may not be much but it is what I can offer in addition to all of the work I am doing to make the project stronger.

Finally, if you are still in touch with the member of the LDM, I would like to ask You to try to convince them to stop this libel campaign, and let me carry on this project which has been loved and trusted by everyone.

I know a very hard and exhausting job is front of me but I truly believe that soon everyone see the positive results of the work and be a happy Club member again. This is my intention and always has been. I am an honest businessman, not a scam merchant like I have been made out to be.

In the mean time, please do not believe, trust or give any credibility to any announcement which is related to Ghefari, Josip, Andras or Adrian. The facts above speak for themselves. The power to believe is now in your hands.

Please send forward this message and announcement to ALL Club members you know so they too can know the truth and to let them know I would like to give them these things.

The FirstCoin Eco project has started and I can give these benefits out to those who register on the ECO project site within a week. No other information can be considered as credible at this stage.

Please note that due to me being prevented having access to the main database of club members, further updates will be posted just on this website until further notice.

I am also speaking to various high-level advisors in the industry and will come back to you very with soon with new updates and further details on how best to move forward and create value for the members, the coin and the community.

Please stay tuned, news will be shared soon.

Warmest Regards, George