Super team

Unleashing Excellence Together.

The super team unleashes excellence together, embodying dynamism, skill, cohesion, resourcefulness, commitment, and talent.

Dynamism in action.

Uniting exceptional skills.

Driven by commitment and talent.

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Our superstars

Benjamin Lee

Founder & SEO

Benjamin Lee, the Founder, and CEO, drives the vision and strategy of the First Coin project. He oversees business development, forms partnerships, and manages investor relations.

Emily Martinez

Head of Marketing

Emily Martinez, the Head of Marketing and Branding, spearheads marketing strategies, manages public relations, and builds brand awareness.

Alex Johnson

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Alex Johnson, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), leads software development, ensuring security, functionality, and performance.

Sophia Chen

Customer Support Manager

Sophia Chen, the Customer Support Manager, ensures excellent user experiences, handles inquiries, resolves issues promptly, and maintains top-notch customer service.

First Coin Project is a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform offering a white-label crypto exchange solution. Empowering users with secure tokenization, diverse asset options, and round-the-clock support for seamless digital asset trading.


First Coin Project